The Miracle Shammy is the quickest and most thorough washing and detailing product your gonna find on the market today. We have taken the 'Pepsi Challenge' at many car shows throughout North America and the Miracle Shammy is the winner every time.
Use wet or dry and extremely absorbent - the Miracle Shammy Cleans up big spills FAST!
Washes, dries and polishes virtually any surface without scratching
Machine washable and bleachable and can be used over and over,
Use as bath mat or dish towel - dries sweaters, and does much much more!
You get 2 Sets of Shammy Towels For
$19.99 !!!!

Cleaning your car is now a breeze with the Shammy.


1 Miracle Shammy replaces 5 cotton towels why use a soggy towel? Camping, Boating, Fishing..

Dry your Pets Easily with the Shammy!


Nothing absorbs better than the miracle shammy. Have pets? Make your life easier and get a bunch - you will be happy you did.

Red Wine, White Carpet, Bad Combination.


For white carpets only, blot immediately with shammy, then mix 1 tsp. of dish soap and 1 cup or hydrogen peroxide - soak clean shammy in mixture and gently blot.


features stop using paper towel

features stop throwing your money away

features stop killing trees

We are eager to help make this world a better place, so if you have have ideas on distribution to help environmental causes - we want to hear from you. So call us or email us.

* Seriously if you don't have them yet you gotta try them,
if you are not 100% satisfied return them!

Please email us at or Call us direct (778) 318 6683

Lets all help to make the world a better place!

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